No provisions


In order to get provisions you need to build up your farm, the max level of a farm is 30. If you have maxed out your farm and have no provisions it's because you have used them all on troops and buildings.

Harry Johnson

Mounted Archer
Maxed out means maxed out. The only way to increase it is by getting a bountiful harvest item and using it on a village which will give you 10% more provisions but those are few and far between and only work on one village at a time then its gone. So no, not really, when a farm is maxed out it is maxed out


you guy's should probably ask one of your exp members to give you a quick rundown, or at least find someone you can come to for answers a little faster in your tribe, then come here if even they get stumped. not saying jump off the forums, good to see new people here, but you'd probably get a little bit faster response times, & sometimes it makes the people with knowledge get a little more attached to the new players they're training, when i find me a newbie that wants to learn i take em under my wing