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    Before I start, I know this idea has already been suggested and shot down. I am adding my voice to the ones in favor, and pointing out the issues I saw in the now closed suggestion thread about it.

    There should be, occasionally, a non-crown world. I would also like to see a non-Tribe Skill world with a set tribe member limit, say, 50 or 100. In Tribal Wars 1 the premium feature in no way gave you a pay to win advantage. It made it easier to manage your villas, mark your map, etc. In the forums when people asked if they would ever add other premium features that might give a direct advantage, Innogames representatives ALWAYS said that they did not want to make their game pay to win so it would never give a big advantage. Now, the game is dominated by people who have tons of money to throw behind it. Instantly getting tribes to max level and thus attacking harder, training faster, supporting faster, having more people, etc. Plus constantly coining back troops you killed and building levels you demolished. Innogames let the success of TW1 (I remember worlds with 200,000 players) go to their head, and it seems, based on playerbase size these days, it has heavily and negatively impacted them.

    I want a world where we don't have to worry about this. Where you have to wait out a building finishing or your recruiting queue to finish, like in the TW1 days. Where your tribe limit is set at world open and there aren't skills to give the larger tribes more of an advantage than they already have.

    Some of the arguments I saw against this:
    Not possible with the way the game is coded- Coding can be changed. It's not that difficult. Devs do it all the time. Innogames itself used to do it on TW1- there were non-premium worlds there.

    Crowns are shared across worlds so it's not possible for them to not carry over- Simple argument here, premium was shared across worlds in TW1 too, yet they had it turned off on some worlds. It's possible for them to carry over but for them to be unusable somewhere.

    They would have to set it where different servers have different settings- Well it already is this way. Some worlds are victory points, some are domination. Originally tribe skills were not a thing, now they are. Back in TW1 there were a multitude of server settings. They have .5, 1, 1.5, and 2 travel speed worlds. .5, 1, 1.5, and 2 building/recruiting worlds. A mix of the two, sometimes a world have .5 travel speed but 2 training speed, or vice versa, or any other combo of these. There were church and non-church worlds. Archer and non-archer worlds. Coin and non-coin worlds. PREMIUM AND NON-PREMIUM WORLDS.

    I am sure this is going to get shot down again, but if it is suggested enough times, who knows.

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    a no coin world would be interesting because of the church feature. Would definitely be more hard to win the world
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    i Never played TW1, but have heard it was different and a lot more players in a world. i tire too of the "BUYING A WIN" strategy that some players have. As you said though. this thread will eventually get shot down and disappear so what is the sense in posting on the subject
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    Thank you for your suggestion Aardvark. Kiki will have to review this and let you know. We always welcome suggestions and want to know what you want to see in the game. Ultimately, it's up to Inno to make the final call.

    I was a TW1 player for quite some time. I wish they had integrated some of the aspects from 1 into 2 but I suppose they were trying to make things different.
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    I appreciate you guys putting this up for review but we all know this won't happen. Thanks however guys
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    if they would just make the tribe skills "resource only" and no crowns it would help alot
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    Could make it a buy in to play the world. So much up front, no crowns during the game. I would pay a little to have everyone on a even base (if it was domination world). Would be interesting how good some of these players really are. Although I am guessing many of the so called "great" players wouldn't have the guts to play without a huge advantage of crowns. It would be a great test of ability.
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    We have already suggested this before and it's just not going to happen.

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