There is a serious lack of strategic intelligence in this game. One of the most overused phrases here seems to be "I am an aggressive player". Uh, duh. You kind of should be if you are going to play a war game. Aggressive only means that you are ready for a fight. Aren't we all? I know that some players treat the game like it's Farmville, but don't throw out that phrase as if it's supposed to be impressive. It's not. And just because you are "ready for a fight" doesn't mean that you know how to play smart and develop strategies.

Being strategic involves having LONG TERM goals and coming up with plans to reach them. I will not get into just how far off the mark most tribes/players are when it comes to this. My post would end up being waaay too long. All I will say is that....you know what? Nevermind.

*grumbles*...medieval online STRATEGY game...yeah right!


Building a spear nuke , maybe I will defend with it or send it without Rams.

Passive aggressive players message barbarian villages telling them to restart.