Old School Player Looking for Old Friends

Discussion in 'Bastille (US2)' started by Xanther, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. Xanther

    Xanther Guest

    Hey Bastille,

    I'm an old school TW1er and I am looking for a bunch of past friends/tribe mates. If any of you are playing here, or another world, please say hi and let me know!

    It's good to see an update to the game I used to love playing.

  2. Aceswylde

    Aceswylde Spearman

    Oct 29, 2014
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    which worlds did you play in? I played W7 for quite a while
  3. Xanther

    Xanther Guest

    I don't remember which worlds I played on anymore. I think I started on 8 but also played 4 or 5 other worlds up into the 40s. It's been like 4 years since I last played, lol.

    MCMLXXIX Guest

    Xanther, did you used to play Ikariam? That name sounds very familiar

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