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Discussion in 'Krak des Chevaliers (US37)' started by Goldenvar, Jan 21, 2019.

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    Majority of this server pledged to start tribes with less than 50 members. I myself was like, "cool a change from MRT, hugging, and one-sided wars." Great idea! Spread out the knowledge and experience throughout more tribes. Spark some more life into the game as well as possibly bring more members to it...especially on a 'Rare'( stress rare) domination world. However, it would seem that there is an MRT tribe rearing its ugly head once again, this time not playing fair throwing a wrench into a great idea! As well as to mention untrustworthy actions already.
    This is me throwing this idea out there to say why don`t all the tribes that pledged to give this game more life and excitement. Pact together against NBK who in my opinion just wants an easy win and doesn't want to enjoy the game like we do. I urge you all to take action, and thank you for taking the time to read my post
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  2. smurks

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    All tribes have their time and nothing is set in stone. Packing together to take down a threat that has only upwards of 70 members isnt really necessary Because let’s say (throwing a hypothetical here) OSK THC and RND team up against a 70 man squad. That would be upwards of 120+ members attacking 70. Basically the same game plan as mass recruiters. I’d rather not but that’s just my personal opinion. I’m a nobody so treat my opinion as such! They will get taken out in due time. Just like everyone else.
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    actually in being an mrt with such limited skill players roaming the ethereal plains of the sacred tribal worlds, one guarantees himself to be surrounded by the very food that such players will eat without mercy or repercussion. Let the sheep gather.
  4. chairforce

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    Dec 2, 2016
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    Only if it really becomes a problem, it's just too early to tell. I'd let em be for now, but just keep an eye on them.
  5. Chizomo

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    Aug 22, 2016
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    Random question: If you join a tribe that has an 80 member limit while they have less than 50 members, and then the member number never goes above 50 from that point forward, are you still disqualified from the challenge?

    If yes, the second scenario would be that if you joined said tribe and it never went above 50 while you were in it and then you joined a tribe with no more than 50 members ever, would you still be eligible for the 50 member limit challenge?

    I'm probably just overthinking it...
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    Jan 14, 2016
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    Who is NBK? I don't see them on this world.

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