Palading wepon for berzerks


The idea is get Berzerks stronger against HC. As it is now you can put 5000 HC in a villiage and its almost impossible to get. The wepon should make them stronger against HC and alittle weaker to the rest just so you get use of the spears,Swords and archers. That makes you want to have mixed forces in the def villiga not just HC´s.
The reason for a change is to make it a little easier to take out HC´s that is alittle to strong defensivly. And also people has to have some Hall of order - Order of the templar knight. And it also evens out alittle bit of the Order of theifs guild. Makes you want a mix of all those 3 options. What is my thought how the game should work. A little mix of everything to be perfect.


Good idea. Thank you for sharing with us. I will write it down and pass to the developers.