Pay to win and merge to win...


*Sigh* I don't need to chase you. I've already forced one L/A to quit, And I'll be nobling their leaders (Who are next to me). L/A will be nothing but a stack of rubble in a few weeks, While you'll be on the rim. How many attacks do you have incoming? 40-50? Yeah, Focus on the game kiddo.


The Veteran
all honesty, I don't know simcity very well, but it is obvious he is anti-crowns. No matter, if you coin, good for you, you support the game makers. If you don't, good for you, you support them through a number system where they collect numbers of players and estimate how many play a world/overall. And then act on that number. But if you are to talk trash to any coiner, you better be able to back up those comments. Cause being a player called "sim-city" isn't exactly a good name for this game since every tribe always says, "this isn't sim city" in their tribe descriptions. So if you want to fight a coiner, go for it, just don't talk stupid stuff while you do it. And if you lose, don't make up excuses.