Payment Philosophy


Hello Tribal Warriors,

Thank you for having an interest in our game and for reading this article. We at InnoGames deeply appreciate your time and support. We often receive inquiries about the money we charge for our games, and with Tribal Wars 2 we thought we would be proactive and address your concerns to help inform our players about our reasons and thought processes for monetization, so that you can better understand our payment philosophy.

Free-to-play games always face a fundamental balancing act of game balance and payment options. Finding the right balance is never easy. Before we talk about the pricing of features, let us address why features need to cost real money at all.

We offer high quality products with ongoing development, often on multiple platforms, and have a team of developers, QA support, and other people dedicated to creating games people love to play. We are constantly reviewing our games, brainstorming new ideas for implementation in our current games and future projects. In addition to our human resources, we are constantly upgrading our technology to accommodate the growing player numbers. When we started our very first game we had a handful of players and over the last ten years we have grown to tens of millions of registered players across dozens of countries. Without investment in technology, the games would be unplayable due to lag and would be unplayable on mobile platforms at all. We actively listen to our player’s feedback and strive to deliver what you want in our project.

This leads to the need for capital to invest into people and technology. We believe that the free-to-play platform allows the most number of people the opportunity to enjoy what we create. To ensure our current development quality and pace, we also have to make our monetization features attractive so that they will indeed be bought by our supporters. If we realize that the pay features we implement do not work for the players, or us, we will always strive to reassess them and modify the game.

New games take a while to balance themselves out, and after a few months we will tweak our numbers in the right direction for all parties involved. We actually already reduced a number of premium costs in the last few updates. Please also note that when we look at the balance of a game, we do not only consider the forum, but also metric data that our analysis team provides us.

Many of our social channels have communicated that Tribal Wars 2 has a multitude of Premium options. As we created and developed the game, we spent a lot of time considering how best to implement premium features in ways that would be beneficial to the players but would not cause such an imbalance that those who did not spend money would be unable to compete. There is no doubt that those who purchase premium features will benefit from them. We wanted to be sure that ways existed for non-paying players to overcome those additional advantages. We feel confident that we have accomplished that goal due to the team play aspect of the game, but only time will tell for certain. The good news is that nothing is set in stone and we can modify our approach if needed.

In all the feedback we have received so far, I think one aspect is worth mentioning. The crown options we offer allow everyone to play for free, on a very polished (and soon to be) cross platform game. This means that while a minority can boost their game play a bit, they do in fact allow thousands, soon to be hundreds of thousands, of players to play free of charge. This is what we think, a very good approach.

I hope this serves to explain our position on pay features and provide you with some clarify of our ongoing mission to balance the game for both you and us. We want to again express our gratitude to you, the players, for joining us at Tribal Wars 2. We want to assure you that our goal is to provide the best game we can at the best value for all.

Your Tribal Wars 2 Team