Hello all. Would just like to extend a greeting to everybody. We are Ponies, and we mainly operate in the SE of the world. No, this is not a mass recruit thread. No this is not a war declaration thread. This is me introducing who we are to everybody.

1. Half of Ponies is made up of old people. In other words, people over the age of 35. Their activity is assured. And they are lots of fun.

2. Counting in some of the older folk, over half our tribe consists of TW veterans, whether they are coming over from TW1 or played on other worlds in TW2. Several of the members over here are "enemies" on other worlds, but we find common ground in eachothers playstyles and activity. So we know what we are getting into with eachother.

3. We teach new players. Anything and everything they need to know about TW2, any questions they might have, we teach them. Questions are usually answered within 5 minutes of them being posted. So players will get a quick response :).

4. Activity, Participation, and Communication are a must over here. Whether you are playing from a PC or mobile device, we have ways to keep everybody in touch and communicating. This makes things easier on everybody since forums are buggy for mobile users, so they won't get full activity if it's just based on forum activity. Nor will they always be able to properly participate.

5. Inactivity is more than just frowned upon. If you are red and have villages under 1500 points, it's immediate ejection from the tribe. If you are red and have a village over 1500 points, that village will be nobled, and THEN you will be kicked from the tribe. Gotta keep the villages within the tribe ya know? If you are consistently yellow over the course of a 2 week period, you are kicked.

6. We operate under a tribal council, not under a 1 leader system. Any player has the chance to become a part of the council or tribal leadership. If a leader is deemed unfit for a post, they can be replaced. As it stands right now, I'm the "final word" on many things for now while everybody settles in. However I personally have no qualms about passing my position on to another if my leadership begins to hurt the tribe.

7. Regardless of what happens, or what is going on in the world, we want everybody to have fun. This is a fun game. We don't want it to be full of stress. If it gets to that point that you are no longer enjoying it, let us know. We will see what we can do to cheer you up.

Still searching around the forums and haven't really seen any "tribe" specific areas, so I'm posting this introduction here. Nice to meet everybody, both old TW1 players, new TW2 players, and all around people who are new to TW in general.