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certain members of your old tribe login once a week cap a few barbs then do nothing again, is this what american worlds resort to at 50/50 dom? talk about putting up a hard fight o_O



WIN merged in all other remaining active players making the map real easy
Just dropping update here for posterity.


Tribal Wars 2 Team
Swear words directed at other players are right out, gentlemen and ladies... even if you are posting someone else's comments about you. The appropriate place to post such information is in the ticket system, or not at all.


Tribal Wars 2 Team

AND THEN GET TOLD TO AVOID CONTACT and nothing gets done about it
@CaptC Literally this mate, we have reported people in the past and the response has been left wanting somewhat. If I censor all his crap can i re-post it then?
We look at all reports. We make a call based upon what we see. Generally, mild infractions get warnings, which have no visible game effect except that we expect the offending player to stop. If they don't, report them again, and punishments will escalate.

Regardless, the forums are not the place for such discussions.

Why was mine deleted? I didn't say anything wrong
It was a response to a deleted post, and we generally also delete messages that lose their context.


As the leading tribe gets closer to 70% I want to congratulate you on a well played world. You have a bunch of good players and have out played everyone this world. I do have lots of questions about potential farm boting and coop pushing. I will post the data then we can have a discussion.

Plr 1.png Plr 2.png Plr 3.png Plr 4.png Plr 5.png Plr 1.png Plr 2.png Plr 3.png Plr 4.png Plr 5.png


Here is almost 8 weeks of data and here are some of the concerns that it shows:
First: Only a 5% attrition rate over the 8 weeks. 38 of the 40 players continued to play for the entire game. Seems suspicious when combine with the other data.
Second: 4 players never took an additional village. But they are still active players? (See Players 8, 27, 32, 37)
Third: 7 players that stopped taking villages. Are they being coop played, but the coop player cant mint coins so they couldn't make more nobels (See Players 3, 13, 14, 19, 20, 23, 35)
Fourth: Players that looked like they had quit, when attacked defended. See players that look like they weren't playing anymore (Player 13, 24)
Fifth: Massive growth rate. Player 1 and 2 added an average of 3 villages per day over the course of 52 days. They were also 1 and 2 in the world total bash points. I will put up some calculations to show the farming that has to happen to support these kind of results.
Overall, the probability that all 38 were run by the actual players and that no farm boting occurred is near zero.

There are a lot of good players here so congratulation on your upcoming win


The Massive Growth Rate is possible with lots of Farming:
Farming .png

Another thing to consider is just the number of minted coins
Player 1 has 341 village slots = 58311 Minted Coins
Player 2 has 230 village slots = 26565 Minted Coins

So Player 1 with 50% more villages has produced 120% more coins.
Each Village that Player 1 has is producing 1.5 times the number of coins as each village Player 2 has. Incredible production, running laps around the entire world


Fair Questions,
OK ill address your points in sequence since you formatted them so well, much appreciated:

First: We have turned over a number of players throughout earlier in the world, they have just been replaced keeping our membership pretty consistent, much higher turnover than 5% i think until the real late game. the last 8 weeks has been a pretty chill cruise no offence to the couple of WIN players actually fighting back, but when you have already won the world and just need to hit the required vil count there isnt much point internalling or getting rid of people, just kill whats left of the enemy.

Second: Yeah they are likely inactive and wont grow unless either bullied into coming back orrrr We have i think 1 or 2 people that have quit completely and is not responding on discord without co-ops, if you find them and start taking their vils we will just stack all their vils no problems, we are sitting on 3000 Villages worth of troops afterall.

Third: Pretty simple, people got bored and dont wanna keep taking vils... it COULD be explained with co-ops running out of slots but if thats a worry of yours i have no easy way to prove you wrong, i cant ask the account owner to msg in game cause that can be done by co-ops, and i could ask any random ass person to impersonate them on discord.

Forth: People go inactive in game, we all are in a discord together. So they will come back and play if they are needed, id say over half our tribe isn't really bothered to noble out whats left of the world and are just doing other stuff unless poked by someone in leadership to haul ass or the come under attack and get pinged on discord.

Fifth: I don't have a better explanation for these numbers other than his one of the best players around and has had this kind of growth in world since before Scripts were invented, would show you on TWtools but RIP that website...if you want to know how good he is just ask him in game im sure he would love to tell you in detail :rolleyes:. Your maths make some assumptions on farming and don't take into account how many res barbs just have sitting there in the late game when most people stop farming.

Overall: We are a groups of people who have played with each other for quite a few worlds now, It may be hard to believe but when you all know each other pretty well, its harder to just quit on your team-mates, especially when your winning.
As for scripts, I cant promise that they arent used because even as leader people can tell me they aren't using one and then just use it anyway. There is little way to stop it or be sure someone isnt unless they are one of those poor mobile only sods (looking at you Andraus XD). But generally speaking scripts arent as prevalent here as in En, so we have discouraged the use of them on our side pretty heavily, and other than a couple of people i think that has been pretty successful. If we were filled with scripters as much as some of WIN seems to think (having read those tribe chat messages) this world would have been over months ago, endless resources makes nobling with minimal to no resistance real easy.

Oh and Capt, if you have issue with some of the content matt and I are covering can u just PM us and get us to edit it out, because i think alot of the stuff here is good things to bring up and talk about. Would rather soft strokes over Sledge Hammers.