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I'm not mentioning any names here so please do not take this as a personal attack, just a statement and observation. My personal belief is that what comes around goes around (some call it Karma) and RATS are the most disgusting creatures on earth. Bots or scripts are definitely against the rules of the game and gives an unfair advantage to some and I have seen many players over these years abuse them. I agree that they should not be used and I can confirm that I have never and will never use them on this game. With that said,how about other practices like spying or deception? Backstabbing or colluding with the enemy to gain a personal advantage? Fair play? Those things may not be in the written rules (or maybe they are?) but most players remember these type of actions much clearer and longer than how many villages a player had in the last world. Some may seek answers of their demise by conducting doctoral level extensive documented research on others "potential" illicit actions, when the answer is simply "Karma".


I just want to say this mentality I've seen too often on this US world "anyone that is better then me is cheating" that right there is why you will won't improve its why you can't fathom the level of activity shown to you. If all you ever do is convince yourself you are the best you will never find room for improve.


How can you possibly expect the players at the back (behind that white line) to be massively active?
They are not inactive. They just chillin and waiting.

Really not sure what you are trying to prove with your stats. Since day one there have been these accusations with no foundation. Its farcical.

You have to stop looking for excuses because you just don't know what is going on in our tribe. Cry the river, build the bridge and get over it.


This is Max account #LazyBum
The guy don't need to be farming 24/7 his pits do it all and the odd bit of farming brings enough in. You are looking too much in to it

babylon 5

I came from Grepolis where you could tell active players from non active players. Coops are good to a certain degree but I can see even as a relative noob that they are abused sometimes my opinion. The stats don't tell you the whole story. Look at each player, where they started and what have they endured in this world. Just something to think about for future worlds.


Here's a screen share from my CO-OP aka player 13 that you said was inactive and was being handled by his co-op.
Seems to be making coins to me.
Just because someone isn't going hard when the world is over doesn't mean they are inactive.

Munch Munch

Well Matt if you dont know yet, its call feeding the players behind who does not have time but has slot to take village while we "actives" feed them our village so we have more slot. Clearly u dont play this type of push and pull thus u will never win a world. :)

Munch Munch

@MattShoe87 Just so you know i have given your tribe chance to push back but clearly they are not capable to do so. Im just sitting back here and minting coins and enjoying my holidays overseas. While on the other hand you and your friends trying so hard to fight back by munching barbs :).upload_2019-10-23_21-56-30.png


i am player 13. I can tell you i took a step back for school for a couple of weeks without anyone co-oping. I could tell cuz whenever i checked(like once a week) my warehouses were full. I have since come back but to start actively playing again i have to noble 3 provinces away which i don't see the point in since its basically over. i spend my time minting coins for fun and building defense incase i get attacked again. so no i'm not inactive or beeing cooped just can't do much else.


Thank you all for your insights. As you know as players we have very little data about the world we play on. There are hundreds of thousands of actions on each world and as players we only see a tiny fraction of them. Unfortunately, in addition to being players we also have to be the umpires. Using the limited data that we have we are expected to keep the game fair. When I see things that don't seem to add up it is my responsibility to ask more questions. It would be great if the game had built in software that detected cheaters automatically. I understand that it would cost money to develop that and maybe this is the best that we can hope for? It would help me to have a more precise definition of a coop push: In general I understand that the coop player must work in the best interest of the player and that the player must be doing most of the actions. How does internaling a player that is cooped work here? How long can you coop a player that is out? Maybe they will return, but how long can we coop play them? A week? A month? What is the definition of the player doing most of the playing?

HSH, I agree that most people don't understand how to get better at a game. I love strategy games. I have played many through out the last decades. I have learned a lot this world and I hope to get better next time.

Sledge, I disagree with your conclusion that player 1 doesn't have to do much farming. I was hit by a few of his farming runs so I know the expected return for each run. I know how much it cost to mint coins. And that to be the number 1 in bash points he has to make lots of troops. I showed the math that I used. Either Player 1 sends out lots of farm runs, I miss calculated somewhere or they are getting resources from somewhere else that I didnt think of?

Thanks again. You guys played a good game and congrats on your upcoming win.


i am just telling you how it is Matt.
Every time he hits a player he gets resources. Look at his bashpoints (24235813). When his attacking troops come home they do not come back empty handed. Have you added that into your calculation?
I did not say that he did not do much farming. I said that he did not farm 24/7. I did say the odd bit of farming because i would say he farms about 3 times a day but Its not for me to start giving out his farming tips. He does not have to make many troops because he is not losing many troops. Not in relation to his villages.
Your data starts in August but we started this world in April. what about the coins minted and the troops built before this date? What about the coins, troops and resources gained from Gwen and the resource depot?
I would question exceptional player growth at the beginning of the world when everyone enthusiastic and its a pretty even spread. Talking about the guy with 10 villages when everyone else is still struggling to get level 20 HQ. But late on in the game when many do lose interest and many do stop farming it is more difficult to tell.
I had over 700 villages on the last world so I know from experience that this type of growth is possible without artificial help. I don't care what your data tells you. If it is telling you it is not possible then you do not have all the figures. It is wrong. There are too many variables to gain accurate results.



View attachment 906 but i see recruitment isnt closed yet ;)
That's an interesting recruitment wonder how long until that "player" is internalized
im guessing when he followed the script long enough to have some nice villa build ;)
Right haha bet it has max market and resources
"Friend". Have to put it in quotations. Even more so since it's a "friend" of a "friend". In other words, just another account to run resources

MAN OH MAN were you guys (@Raffi @district7 ) spot on about this recruit or what!

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