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Greetings Tribal Warriors!

In true Tribal Wars tradition we bring you your very own Premade Forum.

This is where Leaders may post Tribe Recruitment Announcements for Future Worlds for players to sign up to a crew already coordinated and prepared to hit a new world when it comes out.

Obvious benefits include signing up for a coordinated team before the world opens so you are able to start with your tribe already nearby.
Leaders and players alike can build reputations for themselves in both leading and participating to improve their chances of Recruitment.

Have an excellent idea for a tribe, or strategy, or even a small group of friends you want to expand upon ready to show the next world what you have learned?

Well here is the place to do it. If you have never created a premade thread before, there is a few considerations and basic structures that most players follow.

Title: "US8 - Manic or Demented|MOD"
Typically for best results at garnering interest you should post which world you are targeting followed by Tribe Name/Tag

You have garnered interest and players are investigating your intentions! Time to pile on the propaganda.
This can include a variety of sections within your page or poster including:
-A short bio of yourself, your achievements and experience.
-Your intentions for your tribe and what you hope to achieve.
-A theme for you tribe, something fun to unite your recruits and make your tribe stand out.
-Recruit list. Some players apply to tribes wanting to get a chance to play with another reputable player and learn from them, your list might be as good a reason as any for garnering interest and applications.

Good luck Tribal Warriors, and most importantly HAVE FUN!
Not open for further replies.