Answered Province naming


Do you need to own majority of all villages, or just player owned? If you can rename it, how/where do you do that? If I click the province landmark to view the province rankings, I own 21 of 33 player owned villages, but 30% of total village percent. I can't see an option on that province ranking or villages tab to rename it though. I don't need to go Farmville style nobling barbs just to get to 50% of total do I (all bar the 1st of mine came from conquering other players villages)?

Or is this not a thing on some worlds?


This seems to be bugged at the moment? When I try to rename a province, it says I am not the owner.


If you have found you own the percentage stated and can not name the province please put in a ticket to support so they can investigate :)


Now I have a question? What if 2 players of opposite tribes each own 50% of the province, who owns it and who renames it? Wouldn't you need more than 50% for ownership?


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You need more than 50%, when the maps generated a max of 30 villages, this meant 16 villages to rename, or 53%