Queen's Sconce Rules and Realm Competitions


Tribal Wars 2 Team

Greetings, Tribal Warriors!

Welcome to Queen's Sconce, a Victory Point world that started on September 24, 2019!

World Victory Conditions

First tribe to have 2000 victory points wins 200 crowns per player!
When a tribe reaches the 2000 points, new accounts may not be made, and prizes will be awarded.
Logins will be disabled approximately a week after.

Realm Competitions

A Little History

The Queen's Sconce is an earthenwork addition to Newark Castle in England. It was an artillery fort designed to keep attackers away from the relatively weak walls of the Castle. It saw action during the English Civil War.

Artillery is thus the theme of this world!

Swift Construction Contest

Goal: Be the first, second, or third to build a force containing 200 artillery pieces. Catapults and Trebuchets are both considered artillery pieces.


Congratulations to our winners!
PhatBearmlg wins 1500 crowns
Blumpz wins 1000 crowns
Zerker79 gets 500 crowns!

Monthly Battle Reports - Ongoing Challenge

We will have monthly prizes throughout the duration of the world of 500/400/300 crowns.
Biggest O-Bash total wins!

But to keep up our artillery theme: There must be artillery pieces involved in the Battle Report, either in the attacking or defending force.

Prizes will be awarded on or near the first day of the month, for the previous month.
All entries must show the date of the attack, and must be posted within the month for the prize.
(For example, a winning report posted on the first day of the next month will be disqualified.)
Players may enter multiple times during the month, but only their largest OBash result will be counted.

Any ties between entries for either contest will be broken by time of posting, with earlier posts winning the tie. Forum date and time is the official clock.

A reminder that all normal game rules apply to these contests!
Only one account per player.
No pushing! Using other accounts or coops to achieve a goal will result in disqualification.

Good Luck! And Happy Hunting!
Your Tribal Wars 2 Team


Tribal Wars 2 Team
As usual, we need the contest to be completely finished before we award crowns.


Tribal Wars 2 Team
Our artillery building contest has ended. Congratulations to phatbearmlg, blumpz, and zerker79!


the use of catapults does not add appeal to the game, you build a village for weeks, and someone comes in and breaks everything in an instant, it does not motivate the game, but, on the contrary, makes people quit the game


Tribal Wars 2 Team
I just have to say, that the concept of warfare being destructive is generally understood.

Some folks don't like sabotage, some don't like artillery, but there is no requirement that your opponents agree with your concepts of how to play the game. It IS one of my goals to reward players who use all aspects of the games. It adds a little more interest to our realm competitions.


undoubtedly, this increases interest in competitions, but also pushes the majority of players away from the game