Game Update Release 1.30




Version 1.30

Hello Tribal Warriors!

On Monday, October 26th, we will update all realms with version 1.30. We are fixing a lot of bugs with this game update.

Bug Fixes

  • Last week's Honor Points are now listed in the Tribe member list.
  • Player bash points are no longer switched around in the player info and Tribe member screens.
  • Forum posts no longer get lost in threads.
  • The Master of Loot will now also correctly accelerate the movement speed of your units when they are returning from their attack.
  • Sabotage reports will now show the demolished building info again.
  • It is no longer possible to retrieve more units than intended.
  • A very rare case, in which some players were unable to confirm their email address, has been resolved.
  • The search option input field in the Coop screen is no longer case sensitive, so you can easily find the player you are looking for.
  • When restarting on a realm, your Second Village will have its proper icon again.
  • All message related buttons work as intended again.
  • The Tribe tag is no longer misaligned in the crest on top of your screen.
  • A Wall graphic glitch has been resolved.
  • Some translations have been fixed.

Thank you very much for your support and bug reports. Give us your feedback in this discussion thread.

The Tribal Wars 2 Team