Game Update Release 1.45




Version 1.45

Greetings, Tribal Warriors!

On Monday, February 29th all realms will be updated with version 1.45. In this version we have implemented some more hotkeys and squashed a few bugs.


  • New hotkeys have been added to open the Hospital (C) and the Units Overview (U) of currently active village.
Bug Fixes

  • The Village Info Screen should no longer break.
  • The loot capacity of your units is now displayed correctly when the Tribe skill 'Wagons' is active.
  • Resource tooltips now always show the correct time when your Warehouse is expected to be full.
  • The scrollbar in the Mass Donation Screen will no longer cause the screen to close.
  • The scrollbar is no longer missing in the Reset Order Screen.
  • When an incoming attack is cancelled it will no longer remain in the Global Information of the player who has been attacked.
  • Clicking the green tick button without choosing a forum action will no longer untick all selected threads or sub-forums in the Tribe Forum.
  • Some translations have been fixed.

Thank you very much for your support and bug reports. Give us your feedback in this discussion thread

The Tribal Wars 2 Team