Game Update Release 1.49




Version 1.49

Greetings, Tribal Warriors!

On Monday, April 4th all realms will be updated with version 1.49.

Bug Fixes

  • The Tavern Screen will now properly update when switching villages.
  • Jumping to a village via the Province Ranking Screen will now work as intended.
  • Choosing a village filter in the Mass Donation Screen will no longer deselect villages.
  • Incoming attacks in your Overview Screen will now properly update when switching between villages.
  • The progress bar in your Resource Deposit will no longer show wrong values.
  • The correct values for protected resources are now shown in your Warehouse again.
  • Wrong Tribe Crests will no longer appear.
  • When using Microsoft Edge, the radial menu will no longer correspond with the previously selected building.
  • Typos and text errors have been fixed in various aspects of the game.

Thank you very much for your support and bug reports. Give us your feedback in this discussion thread.

The Tribal Wars 2 Team