Game Update Release 1.51




Version 1.51

Greetings, Tribal Warriors!

Later this week, all realms will be updated with version 1.51.This update will be applied off-schedule as we want to quickly react on multiple issues that were introduced with the previous game update.

Bug Fixes

  • [*]You can now switch between your villages properly again when using the arrow buttons.

    [*]It is possible to donate Crowns again.

    [*]Village information screens now properly open when open via any Overview Screen.

    [*]When using smaller screen resolutions, units will now properly displayed in your Overview Screen again.

    [*]Villages in your Mass Minting Screen are sorted alphabetically again.

    [*]When sorting an overview by a specific column will no longer result in an empty list the next time you open this overview.

    [*]The loyalty icon is back in your Global Information Bar if your village has less than 100% loyalty.
  • Espionage and returning espionage commands are now properly named in the village info.
  • Filters used in your overviews are now properly applied to all villages in the list.
  • Village names can no longer be empty by using only spaces.
  • Sometimes, when restarting on a realm, players were put in the middle of the map. This issue has been resolved.

    [*]You can now properly recruit your units even if you only have entered a single-digit amount.

    [*]When you only have one of your village groups selected, you can now properly switch between your villages again.
  • Villages can now be properly sorted by resources again.
  • Switching pages in your Mass Building Screen now properly updates the villages in the list.

    [*]Expiration dates on running boosts are now displayed correctly again.

    [*]When maxing out a building, no new building level for that building will be displayed in your Headquarters Screen.
  • A smart tip reminding you about errands in your Resource Deposit will no longer appear when your daily limit has been reached already.
  • You can no longer enter higher unit amounts in your Barracks than you can actually recruit.
  • When you want to instantly recruit units in your queue, the confirmation pop-up will now disappear as soon as the recruitment order is finished and you didn't confirm the instant recruitment.

    [*]When an order has been reset, the reset button will become inactive until a new order has been selected.

    [*]The icon for increased Tribe member limit will no longer appear in the middle of the Tribe Profile Screen.

    [*]Quest indicators now properly disappear when corresponding Quest has been completed.

    [*]Pagination now works as intended again.

    [*]Long travel times no longer break the layout of the Village Info Screen.

    [*]Tables in the Tribe Screen are now properly aligned.

    [*]The icon for the defender has been corrected for Spy Reports.

    [*]Resizing your Chat Window now works as intended when using Internet Explorer.
  • The column icons in your Mass Building Screen are no longer wrapped in grey boxes.
  • Typos and text errors have been fixed in various aspects of the game.

Thank you very much for your support and bug reports. Give us your feedback in this discussion thread.

The Tribal Wars 2 Team