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Victory Points

Greetings, Tribal Warriors!

As is right now, how do we define what tribe is the winner and when? Currently, we have been considering the top 10 tribes and who ever holds the above 80% of the owned village by these tribes is the winner.

Arguably there has never been a clear definition of what is the goal, as our ranking is based in points, usually this means that who has more villages is the winner... however if a player builds up more his villages he can have less villages and still have more points, and still considered to be the number one.

Not so long ago, we had in a community about 7 players with the same points and different number of villages and bash-points making it very unclear to players and the community team to understand how the ranking even worked in this case.

For a long time, our players and our team wanted a revamp to the winning conditions and a new direction towards the goals so that players can still enjoy all mechanics within the game to its fullest and being true at the same time to a conquest strategy.

Our first idea, was the victory towers, across provinces where tribes that dominated the provinces would claim these towers. As we closer considered this possible endgame we realized that it would lead to the same thing all over again.

Much has happened since then and the Tribal Wars Team is happy to announce that we have a new endgame that will be running on the next new world. The new endgame will be based on Victory Points.

What are the Victory Points?

A victory point is given per province where the player has one or more villages, but just one point per province for each player. A province will give as many victory points, as players from each tribe are present. Each player will add his/her victory points to its tribe, this way the tribe’s victory points are the sum of points of its current members.

Where will Victory Points be displayed?

In the Tribe Ranking screen the first column will show you the total amount of Victory Points of the tribe. In the Player Ranking screen the first column you will also show you the amount of Victory Points you have as a player.

Who will win the world?

The tribe with the most Victory Points will be the winner. When the world opens, every player and tribe will have to gather as many victory points as possible. At one point, the Game Team will announce the amount of points that a tribe needs to reach to conquer the world.

In case of a draw, we will consider the highest count of villages and after the points.

Winners and Rewards

  • Every member of the winner Tribe will get 200 Crowns each!
  • Top 3 players based on Victory Points will be rewarded with 1500 1000 and 500 Crowns!
  • Top 3 players based on total bash-points will be rewarded with 1500 1000 and 500 Crowns!

Important things to know!

The victory points will not be activated on already existing worlds. On the 7th of September we will proceed with the update to version 1.85 with a short downtime.

This feature is not fully complete, we still want to work on this a bit more. We have ideas such as at the start of each world a number of points will be set and the tribe that holds them for a certain amount of time will be declared as the winner. Or after a certain amount of time, periodically the amount of victory points to win the game will be decreased.

Although this feature will be activated on the next world, we also plan to have some “retro” worlds in the future.

Let us know what you think about this new end game and what would you like to see as the next improvement on this feature or what will now be your strategy in the feedback topic!

We hope that you will take part in our new endgame and wish you a good luck on the battlefield!
The Tribal Wars 2 Team

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