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  1. amxkaotic

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    maybe it could be more than just 180 x iron or 140 x clay... it a waste of time to even do the resource deposits... it should be more like 10000-20000
  2. LGLynx

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    Its to low to make any diffrnce yes. So 1 star should be 500-1000 2 stars 1000-2500 and 3 stars 2500-5000

    In my opinion it should not be higher then that due to it interfears with rest of the game if its more. Still the farming has to be prio 1. And not resource deposits. Resource deposits should be a bonus and that spice of luck getting good stats in there. With to much resources the game will lose the intrest to attack and get more like farmville.

    Or another option is to increase the number of star-groups. Like this. Chance to get a 1-star and 5 star is 5% each. and 2-star and 4 star is 20% each and 3-star is 50%.


    1-star = 150-500
    2-star = 500-750
    3-star = 750-1500
    4-star = 1500-5000
    5-star = 5000-10000
  3. MarcosHK

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    Thanks for the feedback, guys. I will share it with the developers.

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