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  1. GenBOOM

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    *Add total warehouse capacity
    *Show the total number of incoming resources
    *Add time when your warehouse will be full with and without incoming resources

    If I think of something else, or someone here does, reply and I'll update this list.
  2. Vegataux

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    Thanks for the suggestion.
    I will send them to the dev.

    Kind Regards,
  3. GenBOOM

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    *Align tooltips inside active window.
    It goes underneath my task bar. Ideally it would stay within the window limits.
  4. DericDraco

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    Apr 1, 2015
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    Great Suggestion, to add to it

    Because there is no hot key to open the warehouse from the world view, it Currently it takes 3 clicks to open the warehouse. I suggest adding a current storage capacity Icon and amount. This should be displayed next to your current resources on the top bar before the provision info. This Icon should be clickable to bring up the warehouse window from the world view.

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