News Response: Building Times


Greetings, Tribal Warriors!

We have recently implemented Balancing Update II on Beta, in France, Poland and the international market (EN). We have followed your feedback very closely and your discussion about the new building times, especially those of high building levels, deserves an answer from your Lead Community Manager, David.

  • We are watching your feedback very closely and are very grateful for your comments.
  • The long building times for higher levels of the Wall are intended. Previously, a lot of players have criticized that defensive players are way too powerful and it's too hard to crack turtled villages. Now Rams become more important and defenses can be defeated somewhat more easily. Besides, building up a full off still takes way longer than rebuilding the Wall.
  • However, some buildings (i.e. Tavern) do take too long to build. We will look at all the building times more critically in January and will take actions to smoothen out the new building system.

Your Tribal Wars 2 Team