RIP (Barb Gobbling Extremists)


nothing over until the last Vp point given out. do i think Lq going to win? no chance just sit back in watch


Yeah, RestInPieces was an omen to your future, at least DDG makes us all put a big smile on our faces. It's funny how you guys send fakes... to distract us while taking barbs... instead of sending fakes... to attack real LQ villages xD.
With this merge between WAR and DDG, this server is about to get a whole lot more interesting >:).. I saw it coming a mile away but that is only because it was their best logical move to put up a serious fight with L.Q...


I have a feeling this forum thread is about to get a lot more interesting. Sigh.

*Grabs some popcorn*



Why? because WAR merged a highly inefficient tribe just to gain a temporary No. 1 rank? I thought RIP had a better surprise than that.