RIP (Barb Gobbling Extremists)


I only read and write mail to red players ... no idea what their plans are
mine is as always has been,,blue world


Eijefe is not L.Q winnie pooh.. I just figure he spoke his opinion from what he saw..

You sure was free player?? Or was it one of the coiner alts/ "push" accounts??. The later is probably more accurate. You see winnie i also play another online mmo with some RIP members. 2 of which assure me they havent even logged TW2 in 3 months yet the accts continue to grow.

They shared a lot of interesting stuff.

BTW Whats up with US 30 am i gonna have to ask for a mod
positive it was a free player, also what is going on with US 30?


Can DDG hurry up and trade villages? only 300 VP points left. You dont even need to take more L.Q villages.. thank you


The point isnt just too win, the point is to take every LQ village we can until we win, we want to beat them indisputably to put down the idea that LQ could have won in the first place.


Congratulations on the win to DDG!
Hear me out, people, stay away from a worlds where known coiners are playing, they'll spoil the fun :p
It was a weird world, don't really liked it, this VP system needs serious re-vamping as it encourages barb-munching (I ended taking 7 barbarians the last week after a clear record; shame on me :'( )


Sorry puma but phatty coins walls like a mad man as well. You guys cant get mad if someone plays with his wallet. I mean i was up against Haki in early game and he was coining 21k axe nukes every day and he only had 5 villages. I think I had 4 at the time. It took a lot of teamwork but we kicked him out. I'm not saying you guys aren't skilled because I know you are but when is the complaining about money going to end?
"Oh dont worry about us we have some players with deep pockets as well. We dont need RIP"S wallet to win this world." -- Eltim in a message to me right after the switch.

And this thread is so outdated now. Especially with LQ's new tribe plan to barb hop from province to province to gain 7 VP per member. It's hilarious.
Problem is a coiner pushing/controlling several accounts. I remember when Diesel yelled proudly at me: "I DONT COIN!", yeah sure you don't, how about your co-ops?. I didn't spend any dollar on this world, only the 400 crowns I got from winning 2 previous worlds plus the 200 inno gave us on november/december (I spent my initial 400 crowns as a donation to Buried In Pieces, how ironic).


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I give my respect to GiC, Ink, Scotty. But the whining i see on this is annoying. LQ have barb munching like crazy, just as much as RIP has. DDG was Form cause L.Q would barb munchie villages into my core members areas and not give them up. You was out played. just deal with it L.Q your 2/3. so much for your 3/3