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  1. So, as i was preparing for my attack shield to go down, i was wondering what could possibly make this more fun. Then it hit me, trying to do a Game of Thrones style political rp along with it. So i am hoping to get people near my city of Utopia (421|383) interested. I hope to make this work, so hit me up! ^_^ [TABLE="class: tbl-border-light tbl-striped"]
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  2. Try as i might, i just can't get that out of the message. Guess that's what i get for trying to copy and paste my location compared to just typing it. lolz Guess that was an epic fail. *head desk*
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    I would think if you have been around this game long enough you would know that you don't have to go looking for a game of thrones style political rp, its already here buddy, There are a lot of back stabbing and spies, double agents, people just getting picked for info with out even knowing it. I've seen so much crazy information leaking, and sabotage. You will find that once you have some good people, friends, remember them.

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