Rules for Special Challenge

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*Disclaimer* This is in no way mandatory, if you don't want to participate or don't think you can follow the simple rules outlined, then you don't need to participate simple as that. The team is just trying to do something fun!

Rules of Competition:

1) Tribes must stay at no more than 50 members. You are allowed to have less then 50 but must not go over 50.

2) Any Tribe involved will be disqualified should they go over the 50 member limit at anytime.

4) Winnings are awarded once one tribe reaches the required 80% and the world is officially declared won! All tribes must be entered no later than the 21st of January 2019. After that only tribes entered will qualify!

5) Regular rules of the game must be followed at all times!

6) Remember if a tribe in the competition wins the world the competition prize is completely separate from the winnings of the world. So basically it gets added to world winnings. If the winning tribe is over the required amount of members then the prize goes to the tribe entered that has the most points of all entered tribes.

7) Creating Multiple Tribes is NOT ALLOWED! Remember only one tribe can win, so you're better off creating a tribe of your own.

Currently we have Nine tribes competing: THC, RND, RRR, BIO, SIN, BXS, TWS, WOK and Elite!

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