Sabotage - Requests for it to be Nerfed [Addressed in Update 1.16]


Hey all,

We have, over many months, received suggestions via tickets to nerf sabotage. Essentially, many people feel that the Sabotage function is way too strong due to the way defensive spies and the length of time it takes to replenish them, combined with sabotage spies being strong and having a high success rate.

I wanted to post this here so that everyone is aware that the Development team knows your concerns. They ARE working on a solution to this.

At this time I do not have an ETA as to when something will be changed or implemented. I also do not know what they plan on changing or implementing. I can tell you all though that they are well aware of the issues with Sabotage as it currently stands and are researching and testing out changes to this so it is not so powerful.