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It's your favorite suggestion guy here! Usually I make these threads short and to the point, but I recently just finished on a world that had.... I guess you could call it an 'unsatisfactory' ending. I spent a lot of time afterwards thinking about the events that lead to the abrupt end of the realm; that lead to me thinking about events that take place in all worlds that could cause people to be dissatisfied.

First and foremost I want to start with the Co-Op system. It seems that every world I find myself in there is always talk about account pushing and co-op abuse, I'm sure it is something the staff here sees a lot of tickets about. The obvious solution to this problem would be to remove the ability to have co-ops, but I dislike this because I feel like it is so vital to the game. It is just really nice to be able to cover for your tribemates when they cannot be there, and vice versa. It is a great system but it is just way too easy to abuse, I think the best way to balance it would be to limit the actual power of the player on someone else's account. Keep it strictly informational, everyone here knows that having information is a key component to the game. Taking away the ability to send attacks/support would mean the only thing you'd be able to do is send spies and que troops (also of course being able to see incoming attacks, reports, messages, etc). Denying the ability to send troops while retaining access to information could bring a new dynamic to the game, forcing players to use their own troops to cover their co-ops when they cannot do it on their own. 1 guy sending 400 supports from 5 accounts to 1 village is ridiculous, players should be forced to take care of their own troops (instead of logging in once a week to mint coins while your friends use your account). Tribes that have better co-op troop coordination would have an edge over those who don't (another way to display skill).

I would like to move on to the next issue I hear about a lot: Farming scripts/Botting. I am not sure how this still continues to be a problem! from what I have observed from other players and screenshots the scripts are fairly simple and probably easy to detect. There are a lot of games that have bot detection systems, why is there not one for Tribal wars? I didn't have many ideas outside that, I guess this section segues into something else I want to talk about;

CHANGE!!!! The only other way I could think of to stop bots is to simply change the mechanics of the barbarian villages. I was thinking of maybe a system where you support the barb and in return they provide you with troop or resource packs, or some other thing that players would want to fight over, and to supplement resource gain just buff the output of resource pits. Make barbs an actual objective to hold or defend, there are infinite ways to change player/barb interactions that could add new mechanics and really add depth to gameplay, and also fix the botting problem. I feel like this game is just a skeleton, there so much potential to grow and add new things. You could make a unit unique to the chapel (priest/monk) that you could send to an enemy village and it would have a small chance to convert enemy units (AoE players know), or you send with an army in place of a paladin that gives faith but has no weapon. It doesn't have to be those mechanics, but the new units would add another layer to the game! I have never played TW1 but from what I understand there was a way for someone to put a group on a village and other players would be able to see. You could implement a similar system in this game, do it in the form of Squad leaders, appointed by the tribe founder. You could add a passive bonus from owning the most villas in a province. You could make a game mode that prevents players from crowning, and a game mode that speeds up march speeds! I realize this section is just a rant about how the game hasn't been updated for real in a long time, everyone already knows this I was just putting ideas out there, I'll move on to the last thing I want to talk about

Dev+Player interaction
I think it is obvious that this game is not top priority for Innogames. It seems to me they dedicate as little resources as possible while milking the slowly dying player-base for maximum profits. I'm not trying to say it's a bad thing or that they are wrong for doing so, financially it makes the best sense. I want to believe if they just dedicated some time and invested a bit into further developing the game it could really be successful. Just look at what the Devs are doing for Oldschool Runescape (I've put a lot of time into this game sadly) They interact and listen to their community, they player test everything before putting it out, they hold polls for new content so the players get to choose! The game itself is old and looks bad, but it's huge and is still growing. The forums here are perfect for doing all of that stuff! I know this post will probably get lost in the forums, and that I am probably just wasting time writing this, but hey a guy can hope to invoke some change right? :D I like this game a lot and would like to see it grow.

I apologize for the book, I encourage anyone here to discuss, what do you all think?
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They already have 100s of ways to detect bots. They use it in the original tribalwars or used to at least. It is called captcha. Have a screen pop up in game that forces you to fill in the captcha periodically. Have a 1-5 minute timer pop up on screen to alert you in case this interferes with timing and allows you to complete the captcha early. This is so simple. The main reason I think they don't find fixes for these things is because the players that use them are some of the most profitable. They need to allow the environment to continue as it is because I think in past worlds where bannings were prevalent, they ended up losing major profits. This is also due to the players themselves after getting banned, trashing the mods and manipulating the story due to mods limitations of giving out player information. But if it was automatic then mods only need to get involved when problems with the captcha occur. Not do individual bans that are an arbitrary decision up to the mod who is looking at it at that time. Also depending on mostly player screenshots to prove that anyone is breaking the rules. This is why they were sued a few worlds back and probably on other worlds as well. If you ban a certain way one day and a different way the next, then you end up getting sued because you set precedent earlier on.

Also considering Inno getting sued and then settling, I am surprised they have not updated their terms and agreements at all in the past few years.


Upwards - Good post. In truth some of the things you talk about are integrated in TW1. Why you cannot bring those to tw2 is beside me.
Coop system for example is completely different. In TW1 if you coop an account they prohibit interaction between your account and the account you are cooping. Meaning you cannot both attack the same player. Additionally they have a count down timer for the coop. If the coop has logged in 30 days in a row the account goes into basically a freeze in which the only thing it can attack are its own villages. At 60 days the Mods completely remove the account no questions asked.

The Ban system should be updated in TW2 as well so that the player is actually punished in ways that can hurt more. Yes they have the attackable ban but that does not work that well because obviously tribemates are not telling the enemy someone is banned. There is the world ban. Again this is good but you are going to keep this within your tribe as much as possible. With TW1 there are different levels. For example you could get a ban in which Inno takes 50% of your villages. If you get a world ban Inno completely barbs out your account.

If the they want to get rid of the bot that so many have banned for in the past that is easy. Introduce the farm manager from tw1 and have it as a paid subscription like it is in TW1. Introduce account manager so that you can set profiles to have your villages auto build and troops to build automatically.

People wonder why TW1 is still going strong and TW2 is dying. Inno is dumping all of your cash from TW2 into TW1.


Btw, there should be another category on the ranking table for players besides points, bash, etc.

We should have another column of how much crowns a player has spent, and at the end of the realm, have rewards for the top 3 of those.


My thoughts on coops are a little more along the lines of "give a player control over his account" and "if a player isn't playing, close the account". Each account owner should have permission lists they can use to control what the coop can do, and everything is legal after that. Couple it with a system to
automatically break coops if a player fails to login in for a (world specific) time. Maybe on short duration VP worlds we require logins every 10 days, and on domination worlds we maybe require one every 15 days. (30 days is too long for our current low population worlds, no matter what type.) If the account owner doesn't log in for 30 days, the account gets a temporary ban automatically.

Implement something like that, and support no longer has to care about who is doing what. It is just part of the game, with the rules being enforced automatically.