Closed Server Down Competition

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Due to server issues we would like to apologize for this inconvenience. In the mean times lets play a game! First person to reach the 100 wins 100 crowns. We'll continue playing this until the server comes back up.

- After 100 is reached start back at 1
- One number at a time until someone else post the next number.
- If the next number is incorrect then we will have to recalculate the count and then declare a winner

Post ending in:
164, 264,364 ect.. wins, will do this until we have reached post #664 or the server comes back.

Keep the thread going and only counting!

Good luck :)

Winner 1 = PlunderingYouDaily
Winner 2 = Jizzedjeans
Winner 3 = Outta
Winner 4 = MyOverlord
Not open for further replies.