server issue

king kymeria

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I don't LIVE on the forums, I do have an occasional outing you know. haha
Im gonna live here now, until Im the only name you see...and like as though I was farming, So come on down here and fight like a girl, and if I seem off topic...well...Good! Im way off topic, FREEDOM!


Your name comes up quite often on the forums, we've taken notice lol.
And thanks, I quite like it, thus using it,


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its always slow, feels like when they say they are working on it, it feels like they are working on adding more lag. Today my spies disappeared on route to a village, didn't even show up in commands, after several refreshes they still didn't show up, till they landed atleast.


Seriously the lag in this world is just awful I can play other worlds just fine with some lag here and there but the minute I load up 20 every other world seems to just lag spike.....


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For real, I hate it. The lag makes me not want to fund the game every now and then. *hint hint* *get it fixed*