Hey Blazefade,

The settings haven't been released as of current for TW2.Previously, TW1 had different settings and it was common to announce them per server, but for TW2 there is only one setting as I have been informed :).


Doesn't this server have night mode since it is regional? It was popping up on screens for a while? I thought this was the only server that had autobuild for troops as well. If Inno is going to put premium services into the game and expect people to pay then it should be upfront about the details of the game. If it's an apt to change beta then don't charge money like its a real world.


I am wondering why they converted all troops to be built under one barracks makes for slow progress


convictpwnz;n201 said:
I am wondering why they converted all troops to be built under one barracks makes for slow progress

They did this to so more people would spend money to speed things up. So far I am not impressed with this game. All it is so far is a money sink to its players. Inno probably paid for a psychological evaluation on the best way to get money from people and are following that to the letter. I am sure that will work against the kids who have mommy and daddy to pay for everything, and will probably work for alot of adults. It will not work with this adult.


World settings. Doesn't seem like everything is implemented:

barbarian_point_limit: 3500
barbarian_spawn_rate: 2
church: true
church_bonus: Array[4]0: 0.51: 12: 1.053: 1.1length: 4__proto__: Array[0]
closed_beta: 0
defender_superior: 2
doppelsoldner_bonus: 2
farm_rule: 0
instant_recruit: 1
loyalty_after_conquer: 25
morale_days: 300
morale_end: 0.5
morale_factor: 3
morale_start: 0.25
night_def_factor: 2
night_end_hour: 0
night_start_hour: 0
noob_protection_days: 5
officer_mortality: 0.5
speed: 1
super_value: 1.5
tribe_member_limit: 200
tribe_member_limit_ranking: 40
widget_non_pacc_slots: 3