Answered Several Questions


Hi, I'm a noob to tribal wars although not to MMORTS. Had a few questions:

1) Approximately how hard is it to take out a wall? How many rams would it take to completely demolish one in one go?

2) Do the walls of a city need to be completely demolished for a noble to conquer it?

3) Can trebuchet's demolish walls in addition to buildings? Are they more effective? Can you choose what building to target with a treb?

4) What are some basic strategies that tribes use to attack other tribes (other than fakes)?

5) How should I approach conquering cities? Attack with troops, then with rams and troops, then with rams, troops, and noble?

Prince Alucard

I'm new to TW as well but here is the stuff I learned from tips other players have given me and my own experiences so far.

1) Around 350-400 rams from what I was told will lower lvl 20 walls to 0 in one go if you have a good army escort with it.

2) No.

3) Trebs are purely a defensive unit from what I understand, though I believe you're thinking of Catapults and yes they can demolish walls, No I do not believe they are more effect against walls than rams, and yes you can choose what you want to target.

4) That's a broad topic and not sure how many players will give out their strategies over an open forum.

5) Attack with troops with rams, and keep doing so till the walls are down and then just with troops in separate waves to kill any reinforcements it might get before the nobles arrive, while you're sending nobles with troop escorts.

Hope this helps.


1) Regards to how defended a city is, see another post a made in this area of the forum for my theories.

2) What he said

3) Cat not trebs, so what in said.

In regards to catapults, they are listed as offense solely because they do not belong elsewhere, as an offense unit its attack is horrible and it special ability is only useful AFTER battle, so as part of a main attack they are bad, and using catapult to lower a wall is even worse as you already won.

4) Don't use defense units on attack, don't attack without faith, don't attack heavily defended cities without rams.

5) Nuke wave = offense troops (Not cats but rams) following waves, offense troops no rams with nobles, timed close enough wall is dead and sniping can't accur