sharing reports

Do you think you should be able to share your reports (spy, attack, & defense reports ect.)

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I cant seem to find a way to share a spy report with a tribe or a friend. I assume this is a feature and I just cant find it. But if its not then I am suggesting you make it one. I know you can type all the information out directly but that is incredibly inconvenient. To me this is a huge down grade from TW1 (if it is not apart of the game). If you want a game that is centered around team work than I would suggest not down grading features that allow you to work as a team.


When you message someone, there is an option to LINK (It looks like a little chain link) button you can click, with options of what to link. One of these options is to post a report. Keep in my if you delete the report it will not show up. Also if you are using the android app this is located on the
"+" button on the right side of a message.

Hope this helps :)