Simple fixes needed


When i was one of the three leaders in (TKS) the biggest problem when editing rights for someone is that you cannot easily alphabetically put there name in order or put thre point ranking in order from high to low when you want to kick them or give them a ranking and rights and with a tribe of 200 members like (TKS) was before it is very time consuming for a leader to have to look up and down the list for the names they want in editing rights


You can order by name. All you have to do is go to the members list and then click on the "name and title" column.


there is a diffrence i am talking about while in editing rights for giving people rank or kicking them and changing titles i knew about the member list option lol i was using 2 windows with the game open one with member list up and one with edit right list up but trust me that still takes time now if you put the same options in right editing then that saves alot of time


You could also Control+F and find the member that way instead of having to scroll up and down.


Hello! These are just a few of my thoughts so far after playing the game for about two days straight now! haha.

When you are on the screen looking at your village and all the beautiful structures inside,
When you click on The "Units" icon on the Lower Bar, then look in the sections on the screen labeled
"Defense, External Units, Incoming Support, and Unit Movement." there are little pictures of
your units. but when you mouse over the unit picture there is no icon saying what unit it is
(i.e. Swordsman, Axe Fighter..) maybe not a big deal but for newbs it's definitely helpful
instead of switching between Units and the Barracks to determine what units match up to
what picture.
(I also noticed that the pictures of your army on the main screen DO have tooltips with unit names)

Interface- Maybe a little bit of Customizable interface options? i wouldn't mind being able
to move the bars to other locations. or being able to re-size them also. maybe being able to
zoom out to see the your entire town instead of mouse scroll taking you to the map, one more
tier of zoom before full scroll out?

I think the main unit bar on the top right of the screen that shows how many units you have
in your base should show your total amount of units, like "Swordsman (44/125)", 44 in base 125
attacking? Or have 44 on top with the color green "in base" and 125 on bottom in red "outside

I've also noticed when you're zoomed out enough to see other players village's, and you can
see your armys coming and going from base to base on their way back and forth from an attack
is there a way to tell if those armys are coming home or still going out?
and also if you're in the "Overview" tab, in the "Commands" section, it clearly shows your
armys in route but no to and from? or am i just not seeing it?
like "Your army from this attack is coming home, ETA 5:00" it only shows the time of their
march, not the direction in which they are marching?.. lol

Presets- What is "Recruit Preset" and what does it do?


Look closer, you will see a little blue arrow, and a little green arrow. The blue is outgoing, the green is coming back.


Oh thank you Valtara! i notice that now =]

another thing i have found to be wrong is when you have two buildings in queue, the second buildings "time it will take to build" is way wrong.. I queue like Barracks level 3, and HQ level 4 or what ever and it says the HQ in the second build queue will take like 5hours 56minutes 45seconds etc, but when the first building is complete, the time on the second queued building then changes to how much time it will really take for that building to complete. anyone else notice this?


That's not a bug, that's a feature! Working as intended! Because if you queue up a hospital that takes 1 hour to build, then put in an iron mine that takes 4 hours to build, it will list it as the hospital taking 1 hour and the mine taking 5, and that's correct because 1 + 4 = 5. It's giving you the Total time, because your builders aren't capable of doing 2 things at once. Once the hospital is finished, the second building, the iron mine, will now drop down to 4 hours again.


Altwing is correct. HQ provides you with the total time as listed below:

This I find is very good because it allows me to plan builds according to total completion time. Also if I want to really do the math sometimes document each build (hours/cost of wood/clay/iron - depending on HQ) in excel to get an example of how things works.


Ah yes, I notice that now. thanks a lot
it's showing the time at which the building second in line will be competed. (i.e. i start one at 7am, it takes 1 hour, be done at 8am, the next building says like 8:45:55 something) well i thought this was how LONG it would take (8 hours and 45 minutes) but it's actually the time of the day when that building will be complete.
thanks for replying guys! i appreciate it =] all i needed was to read your tips and it all made sense.