Can someone possibly answer how the spy mechanic works for defending? So here's the scoop, I had a spy that was sent to my village and he destroyed both my spies and it has now happened three times. What determines the casualties of spy vs spy... because it seems ridiculous that an enemy spy can take out 2 defensive spies this many times in a row.


It seems a bit silly to me that the defender of the spy attack can lose a spy. I think spy attempts should be the only thing exposing your spy to mortal danger.


Do we still not have an answer to this? It's weird that this is a strategy/tactics game and the spy mechanics are a mystery.

I sent 4 spies to scout a village's buildings and 0 spies died. The report was yellow, meaning at least one spy defense was triggered, so we can expect that camouflage was triggered. I did the math and found that camouflage was on a different building, so the Tavern is level 5 (and the village had 1 spy max). The Wall was level 19.

So I sent 4 spies to scout the same village's troops ~30 minutes later. 3 spies died and I failed to get a troop report.

Apparently spying 4v1 or 4v0 doesn't guarantee a report, which is a little surprising but not a big deal. Spying is obviously a random process, but it sucks to send spies with 0 idea of whether they will work. How can I build a strategy without any certainty of my spy attempts?
  • Does the Wall help defend against spies? What about higher Tavern levels?
  • Does having a Church/Chapel in the same province increase the attacking spies' chances of success?
  • If I have 5 spies, how well should I expect my village to detect/kill spies or activate countermeasures?
  • Does defense even scale with # of defending spies, or is 1 sufficient?
It would be great to know the full mechanics, but these are simple gameplay questions that don't seem to be answered anywhere.

Edit: Just thought I'd throw this in: Does the night bonus affect spy attempts?