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So in 2017 there were 18 game updates. In 2018 there have been 3. It isn't even mentioned in the Innogames T.V podcast they do anymore. I wonder how long before they shut this game down?


In May 2017 Modern Times Group (MTG) increased their holding of INNO to 51%. Tribal Wars was the game that founded the company so it is hard to imagine them just getting rid of it. But they did acquire and launch several other more profitable games since then.

MTG spun off in 1997 after having been a division of the investment company Kinnevik. It has been buying and selling companies for some time and just this year split into Nordic Entertainment Group (most of the their TV, radio, and media properties) and MTGx (which still owns INNO).

MTGx focuses on several areas:
1) Digital Video content (with a 100% stake in Zoomin.TV - focused on reaching Gen Z)
2) Esports (anchored by Turtle Entertainment and DreamHack)
3) Online Gaming (with controlling interest in INNO Games and Kongregate - acquired in June 2017)

Kongregate used to focus on hosting 3rd party games but when MTG acquired them they started shifting focus into game development. This year they launched a platform and marketplace called Kartrage that helps independent game developers get more visibility for their games.

INNO itself has about 400 employees but as a part of the MTG family who knows where the future of Tribal Wars will land from a development perspective.

My guess is that they will milk TW2 for everything they can while they work on newer titles. They will keep the game on life support until they revive it with TW3 at some point. But who knows how long that could take. While INNO and MTG have publicaly said they will still support browser-based games, it is clear they are more interested in producing mobile-only games as a platform. They were likely more interested in the 200 million registered accounts INNO had rather than the gaming titles itself - and certainly don't care about the little bugs in the game and recommendations we have - though Kiki and Beez care.

Being that MTG routinely buys and sells companies and gaming titles there is a lot of uncertainty here. Things like an independently run TW-Tools website is so insignificant to them that they don't even realize the impact it has. Speaking for myself, I don't plan on being loyal to a company that isn't loyal to their customer base.

Long story short. Tribal Wars 2 is a footnote to INNO which is a footnote to MTG as a whole.


Tribal Wars 2 Team
Absolutely! We wish so much that we could do more for you all. We will continue to do EVERYTHING that we can for you for as long as we can. Promise! :D

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