Talking Smack


I just wanna be like "Oooo LIT is becoming a MRT...." along with the always mentioned "Only noobs do MRT" and all that noob stuff. :D


lol, i'm actually interested to know what happened between empoe and u
Read the old chats dude, biz requested me to remove some inactives from the support thread and the barb muncher ultimate Empoe decides to say "someone active please keep up with this chat" because I assume he meant the fact that my growth was slow compared to his, and of course it was. I was fighting the most skilled player on the server. I was only growing troops, and walls. So I called him out for the lack of support, and said he was a barb muncher who couldn't care for supporting his tribe, or helping with an op, and he replied and said he was pissed leadership was doing this and threatened to leave, so I said I was going to resign when I got to the rim and then biz kicked me


Lit has some real good players but also alot of nubs. better tell the 3 people near Barry better restart now. They will understand trying to farm one of the number one players isnt a smart move.