Fixed Terrible lag - all US worlds - all browsers


Crap...false alarm...still lagging. It seemed to clear up completely for a little while but now it's back.
Haven't seen it this unstable in quite a while.


I am experiencing the same problems have been for days, i checked the en site and joined a world on that and it was running perfectly made me consider starting a new permanent account on the en server i would of if i haven't put quite a bit of money and time in to the us server which is lagging so bad and at least 3 times a day wont let me log on.....

Crazy Canuck

It's absolutely terrible today, can hardly log in half the time!!

King Arty

We're all having the same issues, can we get an update on this... This actually sucks. Tired of waiting approximatley 5 minutes between clicks... can we have this fixed ASAP, we want to play this game!


My game completely froze up so I tried to refresh and it'd only get about a 3rd of the way on the load up bar, so I closed tab and tried to reopen and now the worlds on the log in screen don't even show up.

The Nexus

IG Should be ashamed of this lag. There is no reason for it, unless they are trying to save a few bucks and in the last update they combined more servers onto the hardware. There haven't been any game dynamics that were change that should be resulting in lag, yet they could care less. This is why TW2 will never survive, poor management from a company who could be doing a lot better, and used to.

King Arty

yep, looks like they are having troubles... i keep getting this while trying to ping them:

Request timed out.
Reply from bytes=32 time=1501ms TTL=49
Reply from bytes=32 time=241ms TTL=49
Reply from bytes=32 time=55ms TTL=49
2-10-2016 have been waiting thirty minutes now for the log in screen to do something such as logging me into the game. JUST GET A SPINNING CIRCLE BESIDE THE LOGIN BUTTON.

This happens in Chrome. Opera and I-Phone.