That Silly Paladin...

Discussion in 'Neuschwanstein (US14)' started by ron9093, Apr 29, 2016.

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    He must really have a lot of baggage. He can attack or support in say, 30 minutes, but still requires 6 hours to permanently move to another village.

    I's a balance thing. It still strikes me as odd.

    A bit like troops vanishing into thin air if their village of origin falls. That one is a bit puzzling to me. I personally think it would make for an interesting twist. Has it ever been different, i.e., they kept on marching?

    Just a couple of thoughts for the day...
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    Nov 30, 2015
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    It would make more sense for troops on the way to a battle to keep marching. Otherwise, how did they get the message that their base had changed hands? And for those units away supporting other villages, would they vacate their posts as soon as they heard the news? Or maybe stick around a bit or even try to join the military in the village they found themselves stranded in?
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    Imagine the co-op the abuse going on now....

    Add troops that remain with the village after it falls....
  4. Exactly. The paladin thing, I don't have a problem with his travel time being shortened to say the actual amount of time it would take for him to support the village he's being relocated to. But having troops remain after a village is taken is just asking for way more coop abuse. After that we might as well start allowing legit multi accounts so people don't have to hide their multi's as "coops" of inactive friends.
  5. Deathcrystal

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    Well the day I jump across the world i like this new system

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