The Kronborg Weekly Record


Letter from the editor:
Hello fellow players of Kronborg to further the PNP on this world, I am going to do a weekly newsletter on the goings and comings of tribes. I will interview the movers and the shakers. Answer letters to the editor and treat this just like a journalistic endeavor.
There will be maps, but not the usual Top 10 or 5 because I will search out the real troop builders and the fighters from each tribe. Who are the coiners and who has some skill? If you want to be featured, send me a personal message and let the interview begin.
I will pass on gossip and see where a rumor may lead me?
So let the conversation begin. I will be putting out this News each Sunday evening, so I am preparing for the first issue.
Best Regards,
Leader of DOH


Good luck Jaded One.

Maybe this will get the forums active.


i think it was supposed to be "tick tick BOOM"

tick tock sounds borning


Oh great, now I'm going to have Jeopardy music stuck in my head. Well, two can play at that game: "Used to be a graying tower alone on the sea..."