The Luminus Imperium Recruitment


TLI is recruiting for this world.

If you're a member of TLI from previous worlds please message myself, or Kane on the forums to let us know what world you're from.

If you have not started the world yet message me or Kane here before joining so we can ensure ideal placement in the world.

If you're interested in playing with us shoot me a message as to what would make you a good member of TLI.



TLI was my tribe in my first world. I can't think of the name of the realm, however I would Love to join in this one. My current world of Munkholmen is coming to an end ish and I am looking to start a new, will be playing both. I'm eager so let me know which geographical point so I can get started. I am and will be on house arrest for quite some time... all the free time in the "real" world to spend on this one. I may jump the gun and start after I grill up a burger so please get back to me. Want to immediately/tonight dominate my province.