The Squiggly Squiggleson Tribe (SQG)

The Squiggly Squiggleson Tribe is recruiting new members! We are in need of people. Sweet and simple. New player? Come on in. Veteran player? Just as good. We need diplomats, warriors, and everything in between.

We currently have a 100 point requirement. This will be slowly raised as time goes on.
It is encouraged to have a Skype, as we will create a Skype chat room for the Tribe. It is not required. But may be required eventually.

Inactivity will not be tolerated. This is a very laid back tribe, but simply not playing the game and taking up vital space within the tribe will be handled in the following way: If a member does not log in for 3 days or more, we will send a message. If the player is off for a week or more, they will be kicked. You can, of course, tell some leadership about your absence of how ever long and you will be pardoned from this rule. But if you unexpectedly leave, you will be kicked.

We are in need a few special members:
Forum Manager(s)
Misc. Internal Officer(s)

If you are interested, leave a post here or message SniperDragon142 in game.

Now, for some things about the current leadership.

Our fearless leader, Sir McSquiggles, is a brand new player to the game and does indeed have much to learn. He is learning quite fast though.

SniperDragon142 however is a veteran player, who served the South Eastern Union in the war torn lands of Bastille, and brought it much glory against it's enemies. He will serve as the General and overall Battle Commander for the tribe. He took a break from the game in January of 2015, but now is back and ready to build a new future.

We definitely need active and fearless players. And we need more leaders! This is a tribe for many, but not many are for this tribe. We favor Quality over Quantity. Which is why we have a point requirement so early on. As stated this requirement will be raised periodically. So make sure you remain active and if you think you won't be able to keep up with the limit, ask for help. We must build each other up and learn from each other. Open minds are also needed! No one way is the right way. We are seeking new players to build and teach, and old players to help do so. Together, as a team, we can become a prominent tribe in this world of Juval. Teamwork will be encouraged, there are no lone wolfs here. We hope to pick only the most selfless, and open minded of players to enter our ranks.

The current leadership will have the best of both worlds, a new leader who will be able to learn the new tricks of the game with the Tribe Level function and what not, as well as an old experienced player who will be able to help with other older functions of the game. We will explore the new possibilities of the new functions and updates with this world, and use them to our advantage.
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