Top 10 Tribe Map



From last map. CRA merged into TLI. TSM broke off from TNB. ToG moved to 10th place!

Top 10 as of 10-11-15


Thanks for the update Mitsche. It's been an interesting couple of months, with the war between TNM/TNB and RPR. You guys rimmed/made quit a few decent players from TNB. Also, made a few switch sides.... *Traitors* or just scared. For those that do not play this world TSM split off from TNB and now has merged into RPR.

Looking forward to what the next couple of months will bring.


The map has changed a bit, since SPQR merged into the Outsiders. As a nod to the new members, T_O changed their name to The Rangers (T_R)


RPR and TLI are still at war with TNM/TNB and T_R. ROM recently merged into T_R. WR! remains neutral in the fighting. Currently no CLEAR advantage to either side though arguments could likely be made for why both sides are favored to win. I say RPR, but then I'm somewhat biased ;)

TNM founder position recently changed. Would love to hear about that if any TNM members here ;)


Founder change was what was best for our tribe. It was a tribal vote. I would not give any advantage to either side right now. Although TNM does keep getting "conquerer of the day" lol. Honestly though, this war could literally go on for years. TNM/TNB and our allies T_R controls the North, East, and half of the West. RPR controls the south, and the other half of the West, and heading to the core. But so are we! :)

As of right now I will give the advantage of timing attacks to RPR, considering you guys just took 32 villages of ours in about an hour or so. (Quite impressive) However, we continue to conquer more villages than we lose this is our advantage especially when it comes down to percentage owned by a single tribe.