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Does this mean we need to shit talk El more or less now that shes a mod?

TOP 10 TRIBES Week 11

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Beginning of the End
Unfortunately, the world is starting to become a little boring to write about. Livid Quakers seem to have begun running away with the game, first by taking out Atlantis The Great (remember them?), and then they finally securing their hold on the core by taking out WAR. They are now pushing into WAT, and slowly expanding all around the north. Most players and tribes seem too afraid to attack LQ, and because of this, LQ is snowballing out of control.

Unless all other tribes band together and declare war on LQ, this world is over.

Top 10 Tribes World Map

I want to make clear that I am trying to be as unbiased in my assessments as possible, to give you accurate, quality content to look at on the forums.

1) Livid Quakers:
LQ has now pulled off several tribe-wide operations against specific players/tribes. Over the past 2 weeks, they have gained more total BP than the other 9 top tribes combined and are the first to 100m BP.
They have finally killed off WAR and gained sole control over the core. Expect them to push into WAT and Melon Heads wherever they can.
Top 50: 39

2) Those Guys: (Tribe formally known as TKO)
WAT has had another good week stats-wise, most notably their 10m obp gain! They also managed to grab one of Melon’s bigger members. There may be a bit of a problem with activity in this tribe, but it’s not too noticeable yet.
WAT appears to be digging trenches on the front line (aka nobling lots of barbs in their provinces to gain sole control). Unfortunately, there does not appear to be any real game plan from their tribal leadership, as of yet. Hopefully that will change soon.
Top 50: 7

3) Melon Heads:
Melons have been on a recruiting spree. They have gained 476 villages and 27 new members. Very impressive!
Melons are most likely going to continue grabbing individual players and gather tribes wherever they can. They also need to figure out their battle plan, because right now, quite a few of their members are busy nobling barbs.
Top 50: 3 Members

4) Sons of Liberty:
SLR finally cleaned out a couple of their rimmed players, so maybe we can see them grab a couple new players. In the meantime, their members are mostly active and growing.
I think the next move for SLR would be to attempt to merge with TCL and LGT.
Top 50: 1 Members

5 The Great Lords: (NEW COLOR)
“The merges shall continue until morale improves!”
It looks like S&M ended up merging into TGL, so now they’re red. They managed to gain 50+ members with this merge. Huge props to the people who made this happen. They had a massive DBP gain this week, but I’m assuming that’s mostly due to gaining so many new members.
The diplomats for this tribe are pretty good. I’m hoping they’ll be able to help organize the other 9 tribes to officially declare war on LQ.
Top 50: 0 members

6) The Collective:
Well, TCL is back. They’re still around, but there’s not really much else to say here. I think they need to consider merging with another tribe.
Top 50: 0 Members

7) Southern Comfort:
They’re back, but mostly due to other tribes dispersing. They still have a decent clumping on the southwestern rim, but their leader has been pretty much rimmed at this point. I’m pretty sure he’s moved on to another world. Any remaining Soc members should consider joining a new tribe, like Melons or WAT.
Top 50: 0 Member

8) We Always Rule:
I can’t believe I’m saying this already… WAR is officially dead. It’s sad to see that quite a few of the world’s elite players are now gone and off to other worlds. I wish them the best, and hope to see them more in future worlds!
Top 50: 0 Members

9) The Rising Phoenix:
This is a new tribe that didn’t even exist 2 weeks ago. I don’t really know anything about them, but they’re pretty spread out on all different corners of the world.
Top 50: 0 Members

10) Late Game Turtle:
They’re still here, but losing their good members to LQ. Expect them to merge wherever they can find a home.
Top 50: 0 Members

And now, its time for the POWER RANKINGS!

(Power rankings are based on my observations/statistics/calculations.)

Power Rankings:
1) Livid Quakers
2) Those Guys
3) Melon Heads
4) The Great Lords
5) Sons of Liberty
6) The Collective
7) Southern Comfort
8) The Rising Phoenix
9) Late Game Turtle
10) WAR
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I disagree. The coining was not the biggest problem. Everything snowballed for LQ when Rossaum disbanded Shadow Syndicate. All of Shadow's members were suddenly homeless and were almost completely grabbed by LQ. That was one of the biggest turning points and true beginning of their snowball.


I agree we lost the left side lane of the map because of S.S disbanding. It was one of the major error of TKO leadership not taking anyone. But, L.Q held the core because of the heavy coining that was going on. That's why I said L.Q lived by the coins. The ex. S.S members are really good, but it wouldnt be that one-sided if the core had fallen.


I agree that the discombobulation of Shadow syndicate gave LQ a massive boost in size that others couldn't react to. It also removed LQ's most likely opponent allowing a change from defense to offense focus. I think WAR failed because their 20 member limit, while impressive, meant they couldn't pick up many of the strong players who became available over time.


It certainly gave them another front of battle against WAR.
That was the biggest issue War being hit on 3 sides and TKO picking up 1 SS member, not to mention Noobdoom going from TKO to LQ and bringing his comrades with we lost our surround of the core and giving WAR more of a fight from former members. a lot of things went right for LQ and a lot of things went wrong for TKO.

Then the ban happened and it all went down hill. anouther thing that happened was the TH2 disolving. giving LQ that orginal boost