Top 5 Map


The colors aren't...maybe the best choices. haha
Maybe something that stands out a little more and isn't so alike the other ones


You made, it hard to see, who is who.
pffft, next time i'll make your tribe dark brown........I'm not no llama don't have time to spend on these things. Would be cool if someone had the time to do here what llama does on world 20 though....any takers? :D



(My stat update is a little bias, trying to limit it as much as I can tho. By no means is this exactly whats going on. I am only informing from what I have heard and can see.)

*M* is a little bit of everywhere. But they are primarily located in the core, where it seems they are taking control of the core more and more every day. Its nice to see a 100+ member tribe where almost every member is doing something, whether that be attacking or nobling villages, *M* is hard at work. But there are tight clusters of TFN and DRL in the core still. It will take some time to fully control the Core tho. After that happens, breaking from the core will be difficult once the world continues on and solidifies.

E.E is slowly locking down the boundary just outside Mafia. Although the Blue up north seems to be more and more dominant as the weeks go by, it also is getting more and more heated with DRL, who makes the NE their home turf. We will see how this turns out. They inherited a handful of WOP's larger members recently and now they have a much stronger NW presence. With not much competition out there, E.E almost has the NW as their new back yard

DRL Well I don't know much about how things are going for them. It looks like there are heavy skirmishes with E.E. They, for the most part, are more dominant in the NE, but only time will tell what happens. DRL has strong leadership and coordination, but so does E.E. They have proven to be persistant and unified from past worlds, but as every world is different, only time will tell just how committed DRL is to making the NE their turf.

TGL has entered the top 5 after the dismissal of WOP. They seem to be quite abundant in the SE, with teamwork and tribal participation, I can see TGL pulling it off and locking down the SE. I know next to nothing else about them, barely have heard or seen any reports regarding them, so all I can say is that in the future if they do well, they are going to be a tough nut to crack.

TFN has had a struggle recently, the core group of TFN are locked in a see of *M*, while they have decent OBP for their member size, their DBP is even larger. Its going to be real tough for them to push back *M* and survive. Now for the rest of TFN, well there is a little bit of them everywhere. If they don't come together and form links to their other members, there are going to be plenty of problems in the foreseeable future. But with that said, miracles do happen, and legends are born, nobody is out yet.

OBash Rankings:

*M* - 1,884,631
E.E - 925,094
DRL - 315,498
TFN - 198,689
TGL - 147,825

DBash Rankings:
*M* - 445,924
DRL - 383,352
E.E - 310,252
TFN - 254,260
TGL - 168,666


*M* - 117
E.E - 78
DRL - 77
TGL - 54
TFN - 32

*M* - 339
E.E - 188
DRL - 152
TGL - 93
TFN - 62