Top 5 map

top 5 here is still pretty fluid 1 and 2 are set looks like RGG with ECL merge will solidify 3rd spot . past that a lot of tribes close to each other


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HUG is on this world and I didn't know about it.....Darn it. ( <--- Family edit) I liked playing with HUG, even though they had a reputation.


Looks like i get to reprise my fighting with tfox on this world ;). Its been a while since our Kronborg days


Welcome some new old faces to the world btw SIN has joined irish girl cornflakes lornce30 jim bob and others... former COS 18 sorts. I am somewhat hopeful that this end game disaster ends up helping this world with decent population. I will do my best to keep the wolves from the door for 30 days at least to any tribe or group of tribes wishing to join the world and get your feet under you before any sort of war breaks out at least from our end. This might be the last of the mohicans sort of a world.



Since the map hasnt been updated in a while. Here is the current map. Had to alter some colors, sorry about that.

tfox- maybe this time we wont be on opposite sides ;) Time will tell, but either way, itll be fun.


This tribe is pretty cool. I enjoy the people in it. I don't know about this irishgirlyme girl though........ she seems a little too nice. Like she's going to lose it soon......
you guys have some serious talent in there . lets just start with you , Lornce, Irish ,Jimbob and Cornflakes . Then from COS we have a few names as well in LIT . I have nothing but respect and admiration for old COS players