Top 5 Tribe


Old School Killers (OSK)
Rank- 1. +0
Villas- 222. +62
Members- 30. +0
Tot BP- 5,065,490. +1,729,531
Points- 720,752. +439,598

Fools Made Legends (FML)
Rank- 2. +0
Villas- 149. +10
Members- 46. -1
Tot BP- 1,931,876. +780,189
Points- 335,189. +52,223

Noobs r Us (NrU)
Rank- 3. +0
Villas- 97. +33
Members- 19. +2
Tot BP- 457,075. +198,135
Points- 215,949. +106,301

Rage Inducing Empire (HUG)
Rank- 4. +1
Villas- 119. +35
Members- 40. +3
Tot BP- 420,432. +284,959
Points- 196,099. +99,466

Garbage Pail Kids (GPK)
Rank- 5. +2
Villas- 61. +16
Members- 14. +3
Tot BP- 592,000. +208,123
Points- 151,084. +64,105

Black Sails (BXS)
Rank- 8. -2
Villas- 68. +5
Members- 30. +2
Tot BP- 573,385. +66,923
Points- 84,285. -2,833

That's all for this week's top 5. Make sure you see Weldon's post on the analysis of these.

Weldon returns

your top 5 analysis

Last week

OSK = 2804938
FML = 703332
RJS = 384637
GPK = 314148
NrU = 226862

this week OBP

OSK = 4,282,316
FML = 1,085,311
Rejects = 558,449
GPK = 480,789
NRU = 406,781

no change in position here

OSK The leader . continues to push further into the core gaining villages at better than 2 per player tis week. They have racked up offensive bash and villages better than any one last week

FML A contender that despite taking a bruising and some player turnover holds steady at 2nd still they are relatively flat in village growth and points over the past week and could be hard pressed to hold this spot for much longer

NRU continues with a steady gain in villages and position but seems to be doing so with very little bash gain. They have the talent to go all the way especially with their alliance to HUG

HUG has more players than NRU and is also very talented . They too are gaining villages with very little bash . This most likely as the result of the multi alliance of 6 or so tribes against OSK not sure how they can all keep growing if none of them want to fight

GPK welcome to 5th and moving up . This tribe actually attacks other tribes and their growth and bash show it . They are the better of the two EN tribes to this point in nearly every capacity

also rans

FTF well they moved up a few spots proving that playing farmville has its perks

Black Sails . with peace now between them and OSK they have begun to recoop nicely they have a strong rim appearance and plenty of FTF to eat for growth

Rejects . they too have a solid position on the rim and a chance to rebound

no longer with us

KOV with poor map position KOV gave up the ship Their leader joined GPK and the rest seemed to migrate to different tribes

this concludes my analysis of US57 feel free to like and comment


Oh yeah, this week is gonna have a lot of changes. Since the war is getting to a high point, I might even shrink it to top 3 once the war is at its peak and tribes start falling.


Old School Killers (OSK)
Rank- 1. +0
Villas- 315. +93
Members- 40. +10
Tot BP- 8,121,119. +3,055,629
Points- 1,137,849. +417,097

Rage Inducing Empire (HUG)
Rank- 2. +2
Villas- 166. +47
Members- 40. +0
Tot BP- 1,335,296. +914,864
Points- 393,389. +197,290

Fools Made Legends (FML)
Rank- 3. -1
Villas- 161. +12
Members- 48. +2
Tot BP- 2,490,755. +558,879
Points- 390,103. +54,914

Noobs r Us (NrU)
Rank- 4. -1
Villas- 138. +41
Members- 21. +2
Tot BP- 1,240,119. +783,044
Points- 362,173. +146,224

The Rejects (RJS)
Rank- 5. +1
Villas- 65
Members- 26
Tot BP- 1,155,045
Points- 117,005

Black Sails (BXS)
Rank- 7. -1
Villas- 72. +4
Members- 29. -1
Tot BP- 1,109,328. +535,943
Points- 89,864. +5,579

That's all for this week. The reason I did not include FTF is because of their bash. I only did ones with more than one mil bash. Next week will be my last of doing top 5 with Honorable Mention. I will be decreasing it to top 3 after next week. Stay tuned for Weldon Returns's take on this weeks top five tribe.

Weldon returns

3/4/21 analysis

Offensive bash tells you really where the race is at

OSK 6,823,111
FML 1,255,034
HUG 880,824
NRU 821127
BXS 579,278

part of the shuffle having to do with this weeks merge as GPK mostly joined OSK

OSK has a solid hold on the East excluding the rim areas where they are expanding but where there is still resistance . They now control or have an advantage in all 4 core provinces. With mostly FML villages being taken or being barbed out rather significantly in the north west core.

HUG moves into second place with little resistance as they grow off rim villages and have no presence in the middle save Ender who was beaten down this week in one of the few skirmishes against OSK. I am not sure if the sitting back and using FML as fodder strategy will work for HUG but we shall see

FML They drop 1 spot in points but remain as only 1 of 2 tribes over 1 million in offensive bash. even if they stave off the OSK advance how would they survive HUG and NRU afterwards. they are clearly in a precarious position and may fall further even by the weekend

NRU - They too picked up a few players off the GPK merge (mergers never work out 100%) In what was perhaps one of the better counter ops I have been a victim of I lost a nuke and two nobles. kudos to them on that . still they remain a potent force and can not be underestimated

RJS - they are 5th in points but slightly behind black sails in offensive bash after losing position in and near the core the have formed nicely in the south. They may not be in a position to win but they are feisty and will be a factor in the end results . More so if OSK fell where they could sway a war between HUG and NRU

Honorable Mention

BXS Having been removed from the core turned on by the mega alliance and under continued attack by OSK they battle on and should be proud of how well they have done

Not Worth Mentioning

FTF They remain in 6th place recruiting leading the world in players with villages not worth taking . It's like Farmville but they aren't really that good at it.

What to look for this week

can FML stop the bleeding . will the skirmishes between OSK and the HUG NRU alliance increase . And will management finally get his Bacon ?


I love the fact that FTF is a joke in every world they join lol. If you look at them in Daulatabad, they are second, but most of their top bashers are former KoV members, you look at ReturnofEcho, Lord Venemous, CavemanCan, Props (not Prop). SPARTANS were a 20 man tribe and used to be at war with FTF and were easily winning. They made peace and had way less bash than FTF once they started fighting KBB. They now have more than half the amount of Bash that FTF has with 3 times less people almost lol.