Top 5 Tribes: Bashpoints (Day 1)


Greetings Warriors!

It's time for a little bit more of a challenge for you all. Below, you will find a link to a Jigsaw puzzle. Prizes are as followings:

Quickest Completion
  1. First person to post a screenshot of the completed puzzle wins 1,500 crowns - Raddock has taken First place!
  2. Second person to post a screenshot of the completed puzzle wins 1,250 crowns - Broken Wheel and twtw91792 tied for Second Place!
  3. Third person to post a screenshot of the completed puzzle wins 1,000 crowns - Spiffy has taken Third Place!
Fastest Time to Completion
  1. vorbic52 - 12:41 - Awarded 1,500 Crowns! HOW?!?!
  2. Aflame - 22:50 - Awarded 200 crowns for participation!
  3. WorldSmith - 31:27 - Awarded 200 crowns for participation!
  4. Raddock - 52:44 - Won 1st Place Quickest Completion
  5. honeymilk - 67:49 - Awarded 200 crowns for participation!
  6. Broken Wheel - 70:22 - Won 2nd Place Quickest Completion
  7. twtw91792 - 112:17 - Won 2nd Place Quickest Completion
  8. Spiffy - 112:53 - Won 3rd Place Quickest Completion
The fastest person to complete the puzzle by Tuesday, May 12 (End Time 1:00AM EST) will win 1,500 crowns. Please see the rules below pertaining to the fastest puzzle completion entries.

  • You may only post one time in this thread with your completed puzzle. You may not post and edit your post later.
  • If you are competing for the fastest time entry, you must identify this in your post in BOLD letters at the very top. You may edit your post in this instance to show updated fastest entries.
  • The screenshot must include the completed puzzle as well as the URL and time completed (time completion just because I'm nosy ;) )
  • You must post in this thread as your submission. Private messages will not be accepted as an entry (excluding Raddocks entry as he PMed me before this rule was created).
  • Don't rage-quit
  • Have fun :)
  • Please utilize imgur or another image-hosting website to link to your screenshot. The forums can not support the size of the image.
Link to the Puzzle

Click here to see what your submission should look like

Good Luck!


hi, I finished the puxxle an hour ago. Can you tell me how to upload it without exceeding the memory requirements


You would think so, but everything else I tried would not work, No wonder the guy won PM'd his message. All the graphic files were to big for me to attach. Anyway's, good luck!!


TinyPic, Photobucket, or any other photo hosting website will provide you with the external link to post.
Once you upload it to your choice of photo sharing site, you can then click the little "A" in the posting area to open the advanced editor.
Either click link image button or the hyper link button.

Also, BrokenWheel, you're going to have to change your Facebook settings for us to see your image.


I thought I had seen someone else get the same time as me, but realized it was just linked back to my own puzzle.


I wasn't even going to try to repost a submission for fastest time Worldsmith but I hope you win!


Alright! Submissions now closed! We will be awarding crowns once we go through everyone's submissions :).