Top 6 Tribes


Tribal Wars 2 Team
We will start with the top 6 tribes in this world, and change it up as it goes along. Here is what a map looks like of the world currently.


It seems the core is kinda divided minus the NW LQ in the NE, TKO in the SE, WAR in the SW then TH2 everywhere


The Veteran
This map reminds me of the early game map for the beginning of the great OTA vs HUG war back on w12 I believe it was. Mind is fuzzy today, can't remember things straight haha.


So war sucks enough to get it to be top 6 instead of 5? talk about participation awards XD


They are in 5th now with the highest ppm count. TH2 is trying to overtake that amount. As for bash the positions for second and third keep switching between TKO and WAR. TH2 has managed to stay on top the whole time.