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The world's been open for just over a month, so I figure it's time for a bit of public documentation. Here's some stats and the December 28th map for the top five tribes. Colors chosen at random.

Current top five tribes: The 200 (TH2), Dread Legion (DRL), Valhalla Rising (VhR), Odin's Army (ODA), Out of Office (OOO)
Ex top five tribes: The First Knights (TFK), Coven (vVv), The Elven Alliance (ELV)
World player count: 5977
World village count: 8565

12-28-16 Map.png


By looking at both Points and Bash, It looks like TH2 is already going to win this world.


TH2 currently has 2194610 points, 156 members, and 705 villages.
Tribes 2-5 have a cumulative 2213338 points, 515 members, and 1253 villages.
Thus, out of the top five tribes, TH2 has 49.8% of the points (undoubtably will cross the 50% mark within 24 hours), 23.2% of the members, and 36.0% of the villages.

I agree with Chair, the rest of the tribes need to consider reorganizing based on location.
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Tribal Wars 2 Team
The map I made was based off TW2 Tools top 5 for this world as I dont play on it but since somebody requested an updated map here ya go.


We've had a change in the top five tribes, so it's time for an update.
Since falling out of favor with TH2, ODA has honorably resigned it's rank 5 position and has begun the [unwilling] transfer of villages to TH2. SET was elected to take their place on the board.

I'm the map.png